All My Friends | 09/29/05

Recently I've had a hard time falling asleep. Between the work stress and the casual shift of hours back towards *really* late/sleep *really* in I'm totally off-kilter again. It doesn't help that I've been having very realisitic dreams that make me no less tired.

We had a modest turn out for poker last night: me, Jamie, N-Brian and T-Chris. Last night was a very peculiar game. No one ever sucked out. Not that I remember anyway. I think we all had our hands by the end of the turn and I don't really remember any demoralizing blows. But that's what happens when you win. You forget how crushed other people felt. There are two things I'd like to do within the next week. Number one: Find a fast way to update people's names with their links. I wrote a page that I can plug in an entry and it changes the names to links but that takes so long. The other choice is just writing includes()'s so instead of typing: <a href="">Brian</a> said my futon had AIDS. I could just type <? require('brian.php'); ?>. I know what you're saying. Why's that a big deal? Because I have to look up everyone's link when I use their name and some of them are really long and hard for me to remember. The second thing I'd like to do is go back through the old entries and make a chart of who won in poker. Everyone thinks they lose a lot more than they win (which is true due to the painstaking measures for parity) but I know I overlook the times when I win so I can think "Tonight's GOTTA be my night. I haven't won in AGES" when really I won two weeks ago. Speaking of poker, I was dealt K/J a ridiculously high amount of times last night. Not that I'm complaining.




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