Lincoln High School ROTC | 10/01/05

Chompy woke up around 8am. Pissed. I'm not sure what was going on in my backyard but by the time I dragged my ass downstairs to look the serial rapist or squirrel was gone. I soothed her for an hour before I went back to bed. I re-awoke around 11:45am and got some lunch and then dressed for the big game against arch-rival Syracuse. We were able to hook up with marty and tchris on the way and since we couldn't find anyone to sell ricky and tami's tickets to, forked them over and the moved from the student section to ours. Honestly, it was a pretty dull game. Everyone knew FSU was going to dismantle the Orange Puffballs so there weren't really too many get-up-and-cheer moments. I spent $4.50 on a Super Coke which was a big cup with two full shovels of ice and about 1.5 seconds worth of pressing on the machine of blue Powerade. That money better be going to pay for the lawyers that keep our players on the field and not to the Lincoln High School ROTC members working the booths. After the game we ordered a pizza and chris and michael joined us for some Taboo. jamie and I won something like 113-112. chris and michael are definitely practiced veterans and on a normal night could easily whip our asses. But not tonight. In other news I think Chompy is depressed.

I need a haircut.  Seriously.  Who is out of place in this picture?  Oh that's right it's me




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