The End of the Cubs | 10/02/05

And that's that. The Cubs played their last game of the season today and appropriate blew a good outing by Hall of Famer Gred Maddux en route to a win by the now-playoff-bound Houston Astros. The season ending is really a mercy-killing. Between Nomar and Prior and Wood and Walker and Patterson and Ramirez and Dempster and Nameless-Guy-In-Left-Field it was a pretty awful season. Derek Lee was the lone bright spot but his second half wasn't really that great either. These are the Cubs I remember from my past--a Spring of Hope and a Season of Disappointment. Hopefully Corey Patterson will spotaneously combust in the off-season and Kerry Wood will get traded. Jeremy Burnitz and Michael Barrett did respectable jobs (and in all fairness Dempster did a good job once they put him in the bullpen) and I'd like to see keep Lee and Glendon Rusch but other than that I'd like to see a total overhaul. Maybe keep Zambrano and Maddux just for good measure but I see no point in keeping anyone else. Sorry. Rest in Peace 2005 Cubs. By the way, making the Cubs say Crap in that graphic took longer than you might think.

Today jamie and I went to Rhodes Furniture and some other furniture store. They both were going out of business and we saw the bankruptcy ads on TV. Those bastards. No wonder you went out of business. Earlier this year we went and jamie saw a chair she wanted. It was like $500. Thinking today we'd be able to find it for a lot less we get there to see it's $615--marked down from $750. Do you think we're retarded? Is it any wonder no one was buying anything? I'll tell you what. My web company is having a HUGE sale on new websites. We're marking down our hourly rate by $100/hr! For one month only you can pay only $70/hr instead of $170/hr!!! Can you believe it! Get one today!

Sometimes America sucks.




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