Never Surrender | 10/03/05

Last night I was driving back from Jamie's house and was listening to that Dee Snyder Hair Band program that's on. NPR must have had something really terrible on or else I would have missed it. *It* is the song Never Surrender by Triumph probably the best song I've heard in the past 10 years. Now, I admit that I love the 80s hair bands but I never really listened to Triumph. It started as I was passing the Sunnyview Mental Hospital (or whatever it's called) and lasted a good couple minutes into my sitting in the parking lot of my townhouse. I was totally blown away. It was like Led Zeppelin meets Yes. Man, it was just...awesome. Awesome in every way. Hard rocking with the bass and guitar in unison... a screaching lead singer... The Oceanesque mixed meter... big bass leaps... Man. It was just killer. I've listened to it on repeat all day and the awesomeness has not worn off. Thanks Dee Snyder!




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