Final Fantasy III | 01/04/04

No, YOU'RE a nerd. *I* just like to play this one nerdy game. Today I went to church with my dad, bought a ton of new stuff and food and then dropped him off at the airport. I picked him up an hour later because his flight was cancelled. We went to the dog park for about ten minutes and he stood outside. After that, Jamie came over for Chicken Kiev and couscous and the three of us, with Chompy and The Ab, watched LSU edge OU. My dad fell asleep about halfway through the game and with Chompy...well, chomping at the bit to kill Ab, we all kind of had to keep eyes on them. I spent the evening playing Final Fantasy III on a SuperNintendo emulator on my computer. My roommate David and I played this game until we almost beat it my senior year of college. It took a damn long time but we almost had it completed when I had to move to Florida. I was going to buy it but I guess it's rare and I don't have the $100 to buy it. Tomorrow I'm dropping 'pa off at 10:00 and then going to get some Atlanta Bread Company with the J afterwards. Tonight, even though I'm on the couch for one more night, I have a pillow and blanket. Last night I only had a bath towel. Sucked to be me!




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