Dog Alarm | 10/06/05

What a long day. I overslept my alarm by a half hour but fortuantely the dog-alarm went off right at 8:30. The morning went by quickly and after churning out a couple fantastic graphics for a new site I met up with chris and his coworker Christine to get some info about working for/with them. It's no secret I'm horribly unhappy working for Jack. The thing I hate about him the most is the fact there are three things, none of which were my fault, that he will not drop. #1: I was a temp. I didn't have a choice you asshole. No one WANTS to be a temp but when it comes down to sucking it up and paying your bills or not the decision is made for you. #2: I made Jerry leave. No I didn't--YOU did. As far as I know Jerry liked working with me. Perhaps it was you slandering him at every opportunity to total strangers or the fact you took credit for everything he did. And now you lie about it. #3: I will not kiss your ass. I'm not going to do it because I don't have it. The other people that work there would be in a dire situation if you fired them tomorrow. I wouldn't be. I'm not going to send you cute emails and hug you. Sorry. I like the people I work with but you treat them a hell of a lot better than me. I try not to take it personally but you hate men. Are you threatened by our virility? Our ripped abs? Or maybe, just *maybe* I'm smarter than you. And not just now after your injury. Any day of my adult life I would be smarter than you on any day of your adult life. day...jamie came over a little early and made us dinner. It was pretty lousy but I think the potatoes were bad. You'll never guess who came to play poker tonight--ricky! It was good to hang out with him and it's too bad he hasn't been able to come to the weekly games for a while. In the past when ricky and I played at the same table it ensured neither of us would win. I don't know why but he's my jovial, evil talisman. Tonight, though--oh ho ho. Not tonight. Even though nbrian was in his full poker regalia and we were playing with tchris's new chips (and there are BILLIONS of them) it didn't matter. ricky was the first to bow out followed by nbrian leaving jamie and tchris to fight me for the Poker Championship CD. The three of us played forever and quite frankly any of us could have won. But all that matters is that I did. Two weeks in a row!

Current Poker Tally
Me (6 wins)
pchris (3 wins)
tchris (3 wins)
jamie (1.5 wins)
elena (1.5 wins)
nbrian (1 win)
michael (1 win)
marty (1 win)
Liz (1 win)




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