Even More Poker | 10/08/05

What a day. Sorta. I slept in until about 11am then jamie picked me up to go to the FSU/Wake Forest game. It was nice and brisk when we left but by the time we got there and ricky met up with us it back to being a billion degrees with a cloudless sky. The football game was unremarkable except for a bunch of season-ending injuries for our guys.

After the game jamie and I cleaned up the house for an hour then we waited for people to trickle in (which they did). chris made the best birthday brownies of his life and we played a massive game of Hoopla. Wild Hoopla. After the game all the non-pokerers left and we played the longest game ever. Tim, ricky, nbrian and I were all out right away (booze anyone?) and elena, pchris, tchris and jamie checked-and-folded for another couple hours until tchris, who was barely holding on most of the game, came through with the knock-out blow of pchris, giving him sole possesion of 2nd place on the 2005 Leader Board. It was a really nice party. It's funny how a couple years ago my different "groups" never got together. Ah, 26.

Current Poker Tally
Me (6 wins)
tchris (4 wins)
pchris (3 wins)
jamie (1.5 wins)
elena (1.5 wins)
nbrian (1 win)
michael (1 win)
marty (1 win)
Liz (1 win)




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