Happy Birthday Me! | 10/09/05

Happy Birthday me. Way to stay alive for 26 years. You know when you're little and it's your birthday or Christmas? You get that kind of "today is a special day" feeling? For the first time I didn't have it this year. Except for my mom who left a half-finished version on my answering machine, no one sang Happy Birthday. Not that I'm complaining--but there was something just different about this year. Maybe it's because once you're 20-something age is rounded up to 30 it's less of a Let's-Party and more of a Oh-God. I'm not there yet though and as long as Matt Flynn continues to be my friend I'll always feel nice and young. Sorry Matt. I had a really good birthday weekend though. I got to see my buddies, have some beers and get my ass whomped in cards. What more can you ask for?

ricky started a new blog today and so did tami, who is going to be publishing mini-chapters of a book online. We met up with them for coffee at Black Dog before we headed over to chris and michael's (new link) to watch Desperate Housewives with elena and pchris (neither of whom blog...yet) as well as my former student Audrey. jamie made some halibut for dinner that we caught from Fresh Market.

In honor of my birthday here are five things I wouldn't have predicted for myself five years ago that are now true:
#1 I'd have a ton of pieces published and get monthly checks for music I've written.
#2 I'd still be living in Florida.
#3 I'd have a great dog...or any dog for that matter.
#4 I'd date someone for over two years (longest ever).
#5 I have as much hair as I still do growing out of my head.




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