Fragile Web Ego | 10/10/05

Now that the birthday is over it's back to the grind. For those of you unfamiliar with my grind it's something like this: Get up, let the dog out, check email, see how many hours Jack wants to cut this week. Check other emails. If it's a Monday or Thurday, write some hit-analysis reports. If it's not, read the news. Eat something. Work on non-Jack clients and feel good. Get lunch. If I'm home it's a corned beef sandwich. If I'm having lunch with chris it's Paradigm, Olive Garden or BW3's. Check emails again, review spiteful things Jack has said about me to total strangers. Do whatever idiotic tasks Jack has asked me to do so I can be yelled at for either a) doing things I wasn't supposed to do b) do the things I was supposed to do. Eat dinner. Work on whatever needs working. Sleep.

ricky and tami stopped by after work. Not that I LOVED my job when I worked for the state but I did learn a lot. And I learned a lot of it from ricky. Did he bust my balls on a daily basis? Of course. I'm bombarded him with daily questions that I'm sure were really retarded. To be honest, I'm really shocked that I'm doing this for a living now. I came in with very little knowledge and ricky would either find or write example after example for me. I can think of one day in particular (before I had Photoshop on my computer) I had made a sketch of a website with *shudder* MS Paint. When I showed it to him he didn't laugh in my face. Looking back at those files now he really should have. But he didn't. He told me I was clever for what I did in Photoshop. With my web-ego as fragile as it was at the time, he could have totally shattered it but he didn't. Thanks ricky. I still hate playing poker with you though.




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