Dedicated to Brian | 10/12/05

Man alive. When was the last time I did a non-gimmick entry? It's 12:38am and I've got a headache that's screaming Excedrin. I had a nice meeting with chris' boss at RD. Since my blogging came up I don't want to say too much--not that I have anything negative to say. No really. I got a nice comparison to Steven Wright (the comedian) and, as I said to them, I can think of much worse people to be likened to. I'm going back on Friday to eat a chris-made lunch and...who knows? With chris cooking though I really can't lose unless they throw it at me. Speaking of throwing food, the last time I threw food I was in 7th grade and I got a detention for doing it. It was my only one in middle school. Mrs. Zamarowski gave it to me. Speaking of 7th grade, Jon Miller and I poured some glue in this cut I got and it healed up perfectly in a really short amount of time. Speaking of John Miller, I remember his middle name started with an E because one day we were taking one of those strange quizzes you do in middle school to find things out about your classmates. He was the only kid in class that said his initials spelled a word. In retrospect I see Jem isn't a word. Speaking of Jem, do you remember that cartoon? Speaking of cartoons, did you read brian's site today?

This entry is dedicated to brian!.




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