I am a Poker God | 10/13/05

He did it AGAIN!!! No one wins back to back poker games but me! Those are the house rules! Not only did he win but he came back from nothing AGAIN. Well, good for him. Well played devil tchris. We need to find a way to shorten the games a bit though. I thought for sure pchris was going to pull it out. Using the ricky-patended Blind All In pchris slayed nbrian and me leaving a very short stacked tchris. What a comeback. Wow.

Since brian tagged me yesterday to come up with five new things you probably don't know about me that aren't already me. First, in the spirit of tagging I'll tag the three newest bloggers: ricky, tami and elena. Now, let me see...

1. I am religous about flossing but not nearly as religious about brushing.
2. I can't play a single classical song on the piano but I bet I could fool you by making one up on the spot.
3. Here are some words I can't spell on the first try: asparegus, occasionally and integrity.
4. I have between 50-100 unused batteries in my house because I can't stop buying them. When I'm at the store I think: I know I've got a bunch of...AAs? Cs? Then I end up buying a package of each just in case.
5. All of the lightbulbs in my house are those wound fluorescent ones except for one. Add fluorescent to the list of words I can't spell on the first try.

I cleaned my office today for real. I always mean to do it and I always get a little done but today I really got a lot done. For those of you following my work saga here is but one example of what Jack says about me. This just happened to come in tonight so I'll use it:
Pls figure out how to have him only spend time on what he does well. That's to Toni, the office manager. Jack, you dick--I do everything well. If I didn't do something well I wouldn't be doing it at all. That's why I don't play football, study physics or play poker.




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