Dr. Suck Dead | 10/14/05

Dr. Suck died today and I really just wanted leave today empty out of respect for my favorite fish. I guess life will carry on with out him/her (plecos are hard to sex) so I might as well go back to writing about my days. My meeting with Jack, in retrospect, was hysterical. I wish I had a recorder with me. I had meant to bring one because I was going to launch a verbal attack the likes of which would have been worth saving. Instead he and Toni had a conversation about my work as if I weren't sitting right there. It was pretty funny. I wasn't sure ahead of time if I was going to quit but the yelling made the process easier. The problem was that mid-verbal-warfare he got a call and when we reassembled afterwards he was really nice. Weird. I really only feel bad for saying such mean things and using such bad language in front of Kelly--it's not her fault. Anyway, I came home with the basic understand that I will not be going in anymore and spending about five hours a week making sure that site doesn't fall apart. Whatever--it's easy money as long as one-to-one conversations and any real interaction are no longer part of the deal. I don't mind working on his sites but I did mind, you know, being around him so maybe this new method will work out (treating him like just another client). When I got home Jerry had sent me a demo he made for a new restaurant that I keep mistakingly call "Open Panties" instead of Secret Pantry because when I was in college the gas station marts were called Open Pantry and we all called it Open Panties. Oops. I made a redesign for Jerry and then left for RD to meet with chris's N' Co. to discuss my doing work for them. chris made a killer pork meal for the office and after we ate and talked I took a mini-GRE-style test. I'm not ashamed to admit that I probably did very badly, only finishing about 75% of it in the alloted 12 minutes. After a weird and stressful morning I really wasn't in the right mindset for something like that but even had it been low-key I still don't know if I could have finished it in twelve minutes. Oh well. I came back home to grieve Dr. Suck and a couple hours later chris called to tell me RD wanted me and the boss would be calling over the weekend to hammer out the details. Fantastic. They're group dynamic is great--better than any office I've ever seen so working with them should be pretty cool. Now I just have to master Affiliate Management and I'll be good to go.

jamie came over and we took some things out of the tank to get to Dr. Suck. Out came the little castle and lo and behold there's the striped raphael catfish that I had last seen in March. And it was alive! And big. jamie had always insisted it was alive but we never saw it so I figured Dr. Suck had just eaten him. Guess not.

Dr. Suck is dead. Chompy and I are mourning his demise. He got caught under a rock and being the tireless fighter he was, tried to swim out all night, effectively shredding his body. It is a sad day. I also blew up at work this morning and totally bombed a mini-GREish test at RD. Urg, one of those days I guess.

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