No More McDonald's | 10/15/05

Where do you start? Ah yes, the good news. The good news is that I will no longer have to eat McDonald's once a week after FSU wins since our season is all but over now. The bad news of course is that our season, for all intents and purposes, is over. Hating USC, I'm required to root for Virginia Tech because they can play some defense. I didn't really expect FSU to beat VT in the ACC Championship but now I really won't feel bad about watching the Fighting Turkeys gobble up USC (get it?) There's a lot of people to blame but really I blame freshman wide receiver Fred Rousse first and foremost. I mention him specifically so if he googles himself he'll find it. You cost us two timeouts you bitch. Timeouts we desperately needed at the end of the game. Had we had those maybe Drew would have been calm enough to rally the troops. Oh Fred, you're so fast, how long could it have possibly taken you to run down the sideline to where you needed to be? I'm sure it was more complicated than this but the annoucers made it sound that easy. They show you all pissed off. Finally you get back in the game and get in your chest with a pass and drop it. Thanks. Thanks for going to school for free on my taxpayer dollar. It's not all your fault though. I'd also like to thank the 2001 Jeff Bowden--the one that was here my first year who made you wonder how FSU was ever a National Champion. Nice play calling--those screen passes for 4 yard pick-ups were espcially helpful when it was 3rd and 15. Oh well, if they beat us once every ten years that's still pretty good for us. As a Cubs fan I can safely say: Next Year (and mean it).




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