Dedicated to Poker Chris | 10/18/05

Ah, another project nearly complete. As you look at the beautiful sidebar you'll see that all of the Guilt Links from the Links page have now been moved and paired up with The Checker. So just how many lines of code does it take to generate those dozen lines? About 450. But if it makes you feel guilty about not updating every day then it's working just fine.

Speaking of working just fine, I had another successful day at work. The dullness will soon subside into excitment--I can feel it.

Speaking of feeling it, the secret to writing code is to get in the zone--much like composing. I didn't realize how closely the two were related.

Speaking of related, tonight Bravo aired the rerun of the Desperate Housewives Celebrity Poker Showdown and James Denison (Mike the Plumber) said was talking about being a redneck and having a cousin-brother. I think he was kidding.

Speaking of kidding, I need to do a better job of making it known when I think things are funny because I'm not sure people I meet initially "get it". I don't try to be difficult but I usually only find mean things funny.

Speaking of funny, Christine showed us a really funny flash video about some Texas Tech guy ringing a bell. It looked like he was jacking off and I felt guilty watching it on company time.

Speaking of guilt, enjoy the new Guilt Links.

This blog entry is dedicated to pchris.


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