Thanks Ricky | 10/24/05

Leave it to ricky to send me another addictive flash game. His strategy (as of this afternoon) was to reset the board after every play but personally I think taking the time to align them into dividing patterns is the way to go. I also just got pretty lucky. jamie and I played some tennis tonight and I feel like the right half of my body is broken. It's cool out now. Had to wear a jacket to work. Tomorrow I'm going out to breakfast with chris. At 11am I have to go over to Jack's to pick up my last real paycheck. I'm hoping it will go peacefully but well, we all know that will never happen. No matter what I've got to trod back to the RD after lunch so at least it won't take all day. Tonight I unfortunately caught the Adam Corolla Show and his guest was Andy Dick. I hate Andy Dick. However, Adam had a picture of Andy at 17 as the prom king. It was obviously a big joke and Andy was honestly embarrassed. But cruel Adam just kept going. Thinking back to high school, Adam would have been the cool kid and of course Andy would not have been. So to see him getting picked on made me hate Adam even more. So now I'm going to end every entry with Adam Corolla sucks so if people are searching for him online eventually my constant repetition will force me into the #1 slot in the search engines. Sure it might take ten years but I don't care. Adam Corolla sucks.




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