Crazy Old Man Jack: Part IX | 10/25/05

I didn't get my check from Jack today. I'll find out on Friday. Whatever. I know I'm writing this entry a day late but I'm usually pretty good so I'll cut myself some slack. After work yesterday jamie, chris and I went to Finnigan's Wake for a beer after work. Well, not so much a beer for me as a Jameson and coke. I'm still not sure if I like that place. It's definately better than most of the bars in this pit of a town and at least it's crawling with yuppies instead of college students. Yeah but there are yuppies. I miss Milwaukee--lots of hole in the wall sort of bars. Smokey...pool tables...not terribly loud...normal people just drinking regular beer...nothing like that here. The Leon Pub isn't bad but the crowd is kind of scummy. Not everyone of course but the usuals there are. My negociating skills are coming along nicely at work--on the day as a whole I probably talked down about $27k worth of advertising costs. Which is why they pay me the big bucks. Adam Corolla sucks.




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