Pre-Birthday Weekend | 10/06/06

This weekend was very sports-y. First off, we played a game of Birthday Poker and everyone was kind enough to let me split the win with AJ although Jamie pointed out that I had more chips when we split and I should have finished her off. Oh well. What made the game so sportsy was the way we assembled players; it was like baseball waivers. First we claimed Tim off waivers from pchris and elena (an excellent pick-up if I do say so myself) and also Heather and Jimmy from chris and Michael. They are a healthy couple. The bicker like nobody's business but it's great to see. Ricky was the only friend that I had made myself and even through him we were able to get our grubby hands on AJ. We started at 8:30 instead of 8:00pm because we were waiting to see if christine and Erick, and Matt and his brothers were going to come. The game lasted until around 12:30am and it made us realize how old we were getting since everyone was so tired.

On Sunday Jamie and I went over to her mom's house for a birthday dinner that Jamie had to buy the stuff for. And cook. And do the dishes afterwards. We watched a pretty lousy episode of Desperate Housewives. Could that show get any more predictable? Seriously, have like a nuclear attack or something. I also tried to make the Guilt Links load faster last night but this version of PHP doesn't have the right attributes of file_get_contents so I still have to scrape whole pages, making things load really slowly. I'll have a solution soon so don't worry. I re-added barb and markc too.




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