Powerless | 10/27/05

So it's Thursday, the supposed highlight-of-my-week day since all my friends come over to play cards. I already had a bad day at work and was ready just to chill out lose $5. But no. I come home around 6:30pm and there is no power. I go over to nbrian's house and he has power so it's not like our row of townhouses is out. I call the City of Tallahassee Utilities line. "Oh," they say, "we were supposed to shut off Apartment 2B--I'll tell you what, we won't charge you the $30 reconnection fee." No shit you won't. I realize that $30 probably pays for 6 of your guys to work for an hour but YOU screwed up and not me. This is not the Mike of three years ago who didn't pay his bills. This is the new Mike that has the extra $113 each month for situations just like this. Anyway, I had to call everyone and cancel poker. So I had no joy this week. Adam Carolla sucks.




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