Humiliating | 10/28/05

Today. Sucked. Got to work a little early, yelled at some bitch from England in front of chris and Barb, went to a quick meeting and then left for Jack's to go get my last paycheck. Oh, friends, it was not to be. I blew out a tire on Bronough and after spinning across a couple lanes (safely thank goodness) called Jack to tell him I wans't coming. Kelly told me it was probably best I wasn't there. I called Toni later and she promised me I'd get my money even if Jack was being an asshole (which he is). I crawled the Taurus back around the block and Christine came out to take me to the gas station to get some Tire Patch or some shit you spray into the valve and it temporarily patches the tire enough to drive it to a gas station (or in my case home). The rest of the work day was fine and the Taurus made it home, although the patch blew out going down 5th. It wasn't nearly as bad as the first time. Jamie brought some Ruby Tuesday's take out and I was asleep by 8pm. Adam Carolla sucks.




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