Prelloween | 10/30/05

That's right. jamie and I dressed up as a pregnant Britney Spears and Kevin Federline for Halloween. The idea was all Jamie but I think I did a respectable job as the 2nd wheel. We won first place for Best Costume at Matt Flynn's Halloween Bash. We'll have pictures soon. It was a dog/human party so we brought Ab. Chompy wasn't invited because she's turned way too alpha to be around that many other dogs. Plus there were fireworks so even if she hadn't kicked all those dogs' asses she would have been hiding under the deck. We went back to Rhodes Furniture for their No Really We're Going Bankrupt Sale. Buuuuuuullshit. Look. If a chair costs $350 and you want us to believe that it's priced to go, don't mark it up to $550 then $200 off. We're not retarded. You dumbasses. Of course you went out of business with that strategy. Duh. That's why nothing was selling when Sommerset Furniture had nothing left in their store--they priced things to sell. So if you need some new furniture don't waste your time there.

No poker AND no Desperate Housewives tonight? Oh, ABC if you're going to put out a crap-second-season at least make it consistant. Fools.




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