My Co-Workers | 11/01/05

Today at work it was pointed out I never actually discuss the people in my life. This is both true and deliberate. Just because I keep a blog doesn't mean that my friends want their deep, dark secrets spilled online.

I know everyone's heard enough about Jack but I'm getting paid on Friday. Apparently. Anyway, I did something dumb at work today. I changed the title in my signature to make my reply to an email seem a little more...powerful. I did this because this other company wanted someone of a specific position that we didn't have. Usually my title fluctuates between Affiliate Director and Advertising Director. Today though I decided that not only was I the Advertising Director I was also the Director of Business Development. Oops. 10 minutes later I'm on a conference call from this multi-million dollar company with their Executive Board. I know what you're thinking--what requirements do YOU have to be a business developer? An MBA? Decades of experience? Howabout this: a C- in High School Economics. That's right--pow. One to three million dollars in loans a month? Why yes, I'd be happy to negociate from our side. I mean, I've been there for...eleven days now. Fortunately their speakerphone shut off halfway through giving me time to regroup. Tomorrow the CEO Boss (Kurt), the COO (Christine) and the new Business Development Director (me) are going to conference call them back. And last year I was cleaning toilets as a temp.




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