Poker Failure | 11/03/05

Ah poker. I was so happy to play I don't even care that I finished 6th out of seven people and spent a good portion of the night with ricky on the futon playing on our laptops. I don't even care I lost about 90% of my chips to tchris when he a K/J full house that beat my J/K full house. I don't even care that nbrian won for his second career win and let me keep the money I was going to pay him in quarters. I got to see my friends, relax, and have some fun and that's all that mattered to me tonight.

With the last FSU football game of the season coming up on Saturday against arch-rival NC State pchris, elena, ricky, jamie and I are going to tailgate before the game. I don't remember the last time I tailgated although I do remember it was last football season with jamie's sister Kristen.




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