Desperate Housewives is the Best | 11/06/05

Where to start? Desperate Housewives kicked serious ass. nbrian and I played some basketball this morning. I'm terribly out of shape and we only ended up playing for about 20 minutes of 1 on 1. I also found out my parents and possibly grandma are coming down to visit me this coming weekend. The Guilt Links are also fixed (again). The problem was that I made the script at the end of the month and the dates I was generating were fine when the date was double digits but now that it's single digits the script was generating 01 instead of just 1 and not finding a date match.

On Saturday jamie, ricky and I met up with pchris and elena and a bunch of their buddies for a pre-game tailgate. NC State beat our 2nd string and now has the most wins over FSU at Doak Campbell. Aside from the consistant scapegoat of Jeff Bowden I blame the eight plays Xavier Lee was in. He complains about not getting playing time then comes in and does nothing but scramble around and throw interceptions. Apparently Wyatt was on the sidelines. I doubt he'll be playing again though. Ever. I almost caught up with pchris in Pick 'Em. You'd think after 1400 points we'd be separated by more than one point but no. If only I had kept my Miami upset over VT. With Tech out I really have no one to root for. Of course I'd root for FSU over VT if they played but since brian went there at least I have a reason to root for them when they're playing someone else. Time is running out for me though with only two weeks left.

Jack paid me on Friday. Without any punches thrown either. I'm glad that chapter is over though. If nothing else at least we got pchris and elena out of it. jamie and I had a lame Date Night (care to take a guess whose night it was to plan it?). We went to El Tapatio for disgusting food. If I'm going to pay $9 for a meal I want the steak used to not be the $.30/lb kind that I used to have to eat when I started grad school. Sorry, I'm a snob. They had good chips though. After the "dinner", we went to Wal-Mart to see if we could find a project. We couldn't. I bought some Sno-Caps and some of those sour Gummi Worms but I think I left the bag there. Oh well. I also bought some flour. Detailed enough for you? mark and I were talking about the bad rap pit bulls have in the media. Why not take this quiz, eh?




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