List-y | 10/24/06

Let the applications formally begin! Man, I totally remember why I hate academia. Send these forms here, those forms there. Gag. It's now officially crunch time so I'm trying to be good in my spare time either studying for the stupid GRE or assembling clumps of information. I had been telling myself for as long as I could remember to "go big or go home" and only to apply to schools that were great and excellent. Last night I chickened out and added Wisconsin (Madison) to my list. I also decided to expand my list from Cornell, Yale, Michigan and Northwestern to include Princeton, Peabody, Cal and Wisconsin. Eight schools seems like WAAAAAY too many but once you pay the application fee the worst part is over. I'm pretty sure I will get into Wisconsin and Northwestern but the rest I really have no idea. I'll get into Wisconsin because it's not a great music school and Nothwestern foolish accepted me for the same program five years ago. I'm really hoping they don't look at the GRE and move right into the Publications and Performances list. I guess that's a best-case scenario and shouldn't hope for it.




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