Di Nib Nibs | 11/07/05

jamie whipped my di-nib-nibs in tennis tonight. Fortunately she cooked a delicious meal for me first. Speaking of jamie, she got the job at Refusge House after like 9 million months of waiting. Congratulations!

I've got a huge blister on my thumb. And a ton of laundry to do before my parents arrive on Saturday. It looks like ricky is the next head on the State chopping block. Our executive director looked like a camel on steroids with steroid-free hooves. And a Picasso like face. You might think the free-floating eye would cause her problems but she seems to do ok. There was also a ridiculously high percertage of people with lazy eyes that worked there. Maybe it was on the job application--maybe there are just a lot of accountants with lazy eyes. I don't know, I'm not an ophthalmologist. I do know that it always made me nervous and on several ocassions I accidentally addressed people that were not talking to me. One person who did NOT have a lazy eye was this girl that worked in HR. She and her herd of equally pig-faced friends had season tickets almost right below us. Along with the half dozen she-beasts they bring this annoying guy with them. He's the kind of guy you see on Ricki Lake saying, "It ain't be my baby, Ricki. It don't even got my hair!". That's right--total white trash. If you've wondered, and I think you have, what those people do when they're not on the talk show circuit it's go to FSU football games. This is turning into quite a tangent. Why do I dislike her so much? About six months after I left the State she called me to ask where some files were. Uh, I don't think so. Sorry--my rate is now $52,000/hr. You pay it, I'll talk. I see they're not going to fire you...




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