George Bush Sucks | 11/08/05

Warning! Bad Language Ahead!!!

Sometimes I forget that this is a big country. Bigger than I can really imagine and filled with people that I'll never meet. I stumbled across this site and it really reminded me that there are hundreds of millions of people I'll never meet. Yet I'm in the same position as so many of them--I hate our president. I don't hate Republicans; I hate George W. Bush. Honestly, all the deception makes me sick. It makes me want to cry; seriously. If we can't trust the people in charge who are we supposed to trust? As long as our day to day lives are relatively normal why bothering caring at all? It wouldn't be so bad if we could do something but we can't. There are 300 million different opinions in this country but rather than trying to bring in a diverse and representative group of regular people we continue to elect dipshits. Democratic and Republican dipshits.

I'm really pissed because W. ordered all his staff with security clearances to go through ethics training. You mean they didn't know that they weren't supposed to share their classified information? Does our government honestly think this compete and total bullshit PR move is going to fool anyone? Seriously, they don't hand out clearance to people on the street. Of course they knew it was wrong and they did it anyway. But because it's a Republican congress and senate there are no real repercussions. At all. It's patronizing and I don't appreciate it one fucking bit.




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