More Pictures of Chompy | 11/09/05

So you want more pictures of Chompy, eh? I notice comments have been down recently so I'll try to make this entry more inciteful. Get it? Insightful? sigh. The single best product to ever be invented has GOT to be those Airborn Anti-Sick Tablets. This morning I had a really sore throat and generally felt like crap. After one of those fizzy tabs I felt as good as new--seriously. I never take medicine but now I might take those every day. Not thought-provoking enough, ok.

You know what I think the hardest part about being gay would be? Having to tell really overweight girls they looked so good. And to a lesser extent having to pity-make out with them when drinking. I guess the trade-off would be you'd really good looking. I'm not kidding--I've heard they have a very strict no-uglies policy.

Now that I've gone back to a 9-6 job I've developed a second personality. There is now Morning Mike and Night Mike. These two sides hate each with an unbridled passion. Night Mike likes to finish his work late and then watch weird shows on the History Channel. This aggravates Morning Mike to no end. Morning Mike has taken to leaving notes for Night Mike to tell him to stop messing around and go to bed. Night Mike ignores these notes which makes Morning Mike hate him even more. Night Mike's fun is only curtailed by Morning Mike. If there was no Morning Mike, as there wasn't from January to October, Night Mike rules supreme. Ultimately one will win and I'm curious to find out who it will be.

Isn't it about time we stopped awarding Olympic medals for track? Who cares how fast you are. When are you ever going to run that fast? It's just running. There's no skill like in gymnastics or even synchronized swimming. For a replacement, following the rules that it has to be played in five continents, I'd like to see Speed Stacking (watch video of speed stacking here).




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