MY Blog | 11/10/05

Before you read this remember one thing: you are reading MIKE's blog. Not brian's. Not Kim's (one of brian's fellow Keep- America- Safe- By- Knowing- Tons- Of- Secrets. Oh no, this is MY blog. I digress...This afternoon at work we found a website that was stealing our content. Once we found one we decided to run some scans to see if there were more. And there were...dozens. Some of them are even pretending to be us/our affiliates, having people sign up for loan applications and then stealing their info. Not a happy day. One of these sites didn't even take our company name out. You retards. It was chris' job to look up the and run a myriad of tracers to get all the info for these people so we can sue them. One of these sites is owned by the largest Al Qaeda network in the UK. Super. Now what are we supposed to do? Hopefully Brian or Kim will come to our rescue and have them killed.

On a lighter note I won in poker tonight. ricky and pchris were both wife-free but sadly that didn't help. nbrian brought a friend but they were no match for us. jamie and I wound up head to head but fortunately she was not able to pull the Ricky/P-Chris/tchris series of blind-all-ins to come back against me. Thanks for your money!

Current Poker Tally
Me (7 wins)
tchris (5 wins)
pchris (3 wins)
jamie (2.5 wins)
nbrian (2 wins)
elena (1.5 wins)
Looks like Elena is due for next Thursday.




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