Mark Cuban | 11/15/05

Good thing I went to bed at 10:30pm last night. Or else I'd be REALLY mad that I somehow managed to flip the hour ahead. You see, I had meant to get up at 7am but it's only 6am, the alarm said 7am and now I'm up and writing this entry. I'm supposed to meet michael for breakfast at 8:15am.

This pesky cold still hasn't totally gone away and I'm still sniffling and sneezing. Let's see...time for the generic rundown of my day. Went to work on time and got there 3rd like I usually do at 9:02am. The morning went by really slowly--no interesting emails or calls. chris, Christine, Barb and I went for an early lunch at BW3's and then came The Longest Early Afternoon in History. It could have been a documentary. Sure 4-6 went by like prairie lightning (that's fast, for you non-Midwesterners) but still, that 12:30-4pm block...yikes. I miss teaching--I reaffirmed this by standing in front of the big white board and talking. Even though Dr. Shaftel said I moved from side to side a little too much, I think my movements were right on. Anyway. After work Chris, Christine, Kurt and I met up at Finnigan's Wake for a post-work adult beverage (or two [or more]), acted like giddy undergrads, and then Chris and I had some CFA before I came home and did a couple hours worth of work. Ta-da.

Tonight I'm supposed to go by Ashley Furniture to show jamie my new couch set but tonight may also be the night we celebrate her getting a new job. Thursday, of course, is Poker Night and I feel like there's something on the calendar for Friday but I can't think of what that might be.

I just finished talking to Jamie about the Neo-Hippie Meeting last night. I think my Moderate political leaning (do you really lean if you're moderate?) is due to the fact that I hate Democrats. Sure I'm liberal but I hate Democrats (and Republicans). The reason I would have no problem voting for a Republican--as the saying goes, "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't". At least I know what to expect from Republicans. With Democrats I have NO idea. Are they going to be the Life Starts At Age 8 Pro-Choice? Are they going to be Legalize Pot? Are they going to be Kill Business to Save A Tree? Hey Howard Dean, you want to galvanize your stupid party--here's a thought for you: remember you're rich and white too. And make some damn decisions. Cut out the hippies and establish yourself as the "Other White (Meat) Party". I'm not saying to exclude minorities but either include them or don't. Don't act like there diversity is the end-all, be-all and then have a token black and a token Hispanic standing on the platform with 50 whities. Stop sitting on the damn fence and trying to cater to every non-Conservative on every topic. Here are some people who voted Democrat in the last election: My crazy ex-boss Jack, Me, Jamie, My Mom, Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Jamie's Dad. Do you think FOR ONE SECOND we all have the same wants/needs? HELL no we don't. But in your infinite wisdom you try to cater to all of us when that's not possible. Pick real sides on issues and for God's sake stick by them. You want to be Pro-Choice? Do it--tell us when it's ok to have an abortion and when it's not. You want to be Pro-Poor? Do it--tell us when someone has been on welfare long enough. You want to be Pro-Environment? Do it--tell us how many trees we can chop down a year. Just TELL US SOMETHING. And, as a side note, you can't be the Working Man's Party without a Working Man's Candidate. S/he can be of any race and we'll vote for him/her, I swear. But we don't want Old Money. Get Mark Cuban. He's a no-bullshit kind of guy who made his money the old-fashion way: he earned it sold his internet companies.




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