U2 SUCKS | 11/16/05

tchris, I'm sorry but Bono is awful. Let me tell you why I hate U2. It's not that I think they suck (although I do). It's that they're considered Gods of Rock. But they don't rock. Frankly, they're not talented enough to rock. They're like the Beatles (great songwriting, limited instrumental skills) without the great songwriting. The Edge is laughable. To be a God of Rock you have to rip it. Jimmy Page rips it. Eric Clapton rips it. Hendrix rips it. They are Gods of Rock. They make you say, "Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints". To give them an ounce of credit, they don't sound like anyone else. But they're not Rock. There is no blues influence; at all. The bass lines are stagnant at best and I'm sorry but adding a 9th to a chord is far from Rock Godliness.

I used to hate Weezer. But as I listened to them more I realized that they were innovating a stale sound. And over time I learned to appreciate them within their style. They never would be considered Gods of Rock but they're cool being the Gods of Emo. And that's fine. If U2 didn't consider themselves Rock I'd hate them a whole helluva lot less. Bono also smells like urine. Because he drinks it. With sunglasses on.


suki (12/04/11)

Edge relays way too much on past glories.

Hank (03/29/12)

U2 is a great band. Bono is cool and i'm not even a U2 fan. Songs like One and Where the streets have no name are the main reson they are RockGods. Edge is not Steve Vai. Maybe he is'nt that skilled but he has a better talent of making great music using simplisity. Btw You guys are all haters that can't stand that U2 is the biggest band in the world. Can Led zeppelin say they won 21 grammys? U2 can. So stop being haters. U2 makes different music then the total "rockers" out there. But they don't suck.

musiciskool (01/27/12)

the edge has little talent. he mainly uses a music-man delay pedal for most of his sounds. can't think of the name of it, but there is a documentary with edge ,jimmy page, and some other guy (i can't remember the name). anyway if you could find it watch it. page and the other guy were jammin and the edge couldn't keep up for shit. no talent, no musical theory. as for the asswipe at the top of the page, the Beatles were great musicians. especially George. hes wrote instrumental leads before there were leads. Beatles were not rockers in genseral but they could rock. u play guitar or just with yourself?

musiciskool (01/27/12)

the edge has little talent. he mainly uses a music-man delay pedal for most of his sounds. can't think of the name of it, but there is a documentary with edge ,jimmy page, and some other guy (i can't remember the name). anyway if you could find it watch it. page and the other guy were jammin and the edge couldn't keep up for shit. no talent, no musical theory. as for the asswipe at the top of the page, the Beatles were great musicians. especially George. hes wrote instrumental leads before there were leads. Beatles were not rockers in genseral but they could rock. u play guitar or just with yourself?

unkown (02/12/12)

You people are just plain stupid.... xD Just jealous, Edge is a very creative and genius writer, that he doesn't play fast solos like page (who is quit a sloppy player) doesn't mean he aint good. The man had a huge influence on the musical world. Get away from your computer and learn to find your own sound

average joe (02/18/12)

I would just like to see the Edge play Felder's and Walsh's solo's to Hotel California. If he could pull that off I might give him some respect. But I agree with the other Rockers on here that the Edge is completely overrated.

tim (Unknown)

People love to listen to the Edge because he actually palys music that is bueatiful.Try palying it sometime and you will see it is not easy.everyone one else might be great at making nooose but The Edge is the best musician of his generation period.What have you ever created?????I guess nothing.

Billie Joe (Unknown)

U2 suck. You want good music go and buy any Green Day album.

Conrad (Unknown)

What about a nice Robert Fripp album or some Beefheart? They both "paly" quite well.

Conrad (Unknown)

What about a nice Robert Fripp album or some Beefheart? They both "paly" quite well.

aaron (Unknown)

tim, edge playing beautiful music dosen't belong in rock. period. billie joe, green day sucks to. they are not rock, they are the vanilla ice of rock. i agree on origanal post, u2 fails. end

Enatai (Unknown)

Tim, I'm a year 2 guitar student and I will bet you that I can play any Edge song, mostly because the man probably has a level of guitar playing comparable to me and I suck at it. He isn't an innovator, and that isn't just "making nooose" (what the hell is nooose? I'm assuming noise, learn how to spell, jackass) that other musicians are doing, it's making noise that doesn't make me want to kick the guitarist in the eye socket, which is what The Edge does.

The problem is mostly with Bono, though. The King of Egotism himself, I hope that Bono one day goes to Africa and gets a horrible, crippling disease, because that's what he deserves for acting like he's the only one who gives to charities. He isn't special he's just an activist, I can name ten right off the bat, all of them friends of mine, none of them famous, and I bet that each and every one of them is more activist than Bono. In fact I PROMISE you that each of them is more activist than Bono.

Bono's a prick.

Mike (Unknown)

Entai: Wow, we could totally be best friends.

M1ke (Unknown)

Gren day, suck balls, and, u2 won 22 awards (more thn any other band, i got this from wiki). If you want gods of rock. Its U2. If you want god of heavy metal, its slipknot or any other shit! So if u dont like it, dont listen to it, but dont offend it in any way. Otherwise ur just being stoopid.
BTw, i dont care bout bono, i care bout their music. Oh, and i ve wasted time of my life to teach you guys something, so show respect.

Rockerdude (Unknown)

U2 is one of the greatest bands of all time! Just because the Edge doesnt play 500 Million notes a minute doesnt mean that he sucks at guitar! M1ke hit the nail on the head. Tell the 20 million plus people who bought the Joshua Tree and the people who fill stadiums to see U2 and Rolling Stone magazine that U2 sucks...see waht they have to say!

Mikeb (Unknown)

I think the fans are worse than Bono. The Edge sucks at guitar, I've taken dumps that sound better than Bono, and the other two are so mainstream and casted i can't even remember their names. U2 sucks, and any fan who likes them should get cancer, rectal cancer.

Khan (Unknown)

hahaha mike is ridiculosly dumb.
U2 isnt a good rock band.
But what upset me more is his stupid claim: if you want god of heavy metal, its slipknot.

SLIPKNOT IS NOT HEAVY METAL!!!! or even similar, it has nothing to do.
and U2 are just a bunch of christian faggs who sell $$$$$$$$$

tim (Unknown)

guess you never made a mistake typing something.Noise..I know how to spell.Ass wipe.As for you playing anything close to the edge you make me laugh.You never will.Just shows how ignorant you are about the guitar.Its not just the notes or chords that edge is playing,its how he plays them.You are a nobody and always will be.Edge is the king of all guitar.Jerk

TIM (Unknown)


tim (Unknown)

your point is well taken.Never said they were the best rock bank.My point,like millions of other is they make beautiful music.If I want to listen to rock i will listen to RUSH>.But I appreciate you stance..On U2

TIM (Unknown)

keep taking guitar lessons and let me know when you can play one note that is even close to the edge..Maybe one day you can tweek a few notes that dont sound terrible.You make me laugh.go back to your trailer and Edge will go back to his castle..Ha ha

Mark (Unknown)

U2 does suck! Bono can't sing. He seems to think he can and he's a bit of an egotistical bastard. Why so many people think their music is good, I don't know, it's not. Always thought it had a weird sound to it myself. And who cares about their political statements they put in their music. Legends in their own minds.

Sean (Unknown)

Some of these comments about the Edge are so off it isn't even funny, some of you play guitar and this is what you have to say about the Edge, I suggest you put your guitar down and actually understand that music is from the soul. I would like to see someone here come up with there own style of playing and turn it into something as cool as what the Edge does. Guitar isnt about speed style and technicality, if you look at all the great guitar players throughout the years, they all were masters at expressing there feeling through there instrument. Only then can you truly become a great guitar player. Anyone can mimic other guitar players songs, but coming up with your own piece of musical genius that does not sound like everyone elses is something on a whole different level.

u2 and greenday luver (Unknown)

u2 is good. what are u people talking about. i noticed that the first comment said they like greenday but not u2. thats wierd cuz usually if you like greenday you like u2 also

U2 = 0 (Unknown)

Every song sounds the same, boring. And what a pair of pretentious clowns leading the band, with their adopted names.

"Bono Vox" and "The Edge"? Gimme a break!

william (Unknown)

U2 is nothing more than coo amp effects, and pathetic drumming with bass like nearly every majorly promoted band.

Ever hear of RUSH? Niel peart, alone is better than the entire band U2, and U2 isn't one tiny bit of a real inspiration for music.


The vocals are so fucking horrible from UR's lead singer that anyone who likes u2 obviously needs to be cock slapped or monkey stomped to death if they saythat they like them just, because their opinions is so fucking stupid, and ignorant.

I saw someone showing just how much u2 sucks, and to show it he was just plucking stings to the rythem of a u2 song while using a special amp.

Guess what happened?

He was playing the song perfectly without any idea of how to play it.

U2 is absolutely fucking garbage compared to the real legends, and their fame is 100% product of million dollar producing.

If anyone here wants to get me some money to fix my guitar then pay for a few lessons then I'll make some songs easily much better than u2s faggit shit.

william=cheap bitch (Unknown)

4 simple things

1-U2 rocks
2-SlipKnot sucks
3-learn how to spell
4-Close your mouths. It's startting to smell like sewer.

Thank you

ArgyBargy (Unknown)

U2 has about as much talent as the Thompson Twins. Actually the Thompson Twins had more talent and soul. U2 simply don't have any songwriting ability. I guess if you have a boner for Bono you'll think they play with emotions, but if not, they are simply laughable.

zepstones (Unknown)

we all know that U2 writes fine songs. what bothers me personaly, is The Edge and Bono. The bass and drums are boring and regular- any seasoned bassist or drummer could play as well as them. the problem with 'The Edge' is that he acts as if he plays with emotion. Someone who plays with emotion lets it all out- they have a signature sound. the problem with the Edge's sound is that its a Vox with a pedal board. he relies on the most simple bullshit possible. look at Zep, Stones, GNR, Van Halen, Aerosmith yeah. U2's a great pop band, not a fucking rock n roll band.

Smeggingsmegger (Unknown)

I remember seeing an Orang-utan dressed in a U2 t-shirt once. It was so desperate to get the thing off that it went Hulk Hogan and tore it to shreds. I guess even primates despise U2.

simon true (Unknown)

what's the difference between Jesus and Bono?......... Jesus doesn't think he's Bono!!!!

DJS (Unknown)

Im a guitarist myself and i think that, although the edge isnt the most spectacular, he hits the write notes and makes the most beautiful riffs. all of you guys who say he sucks probably dont play guitar and dont realize how he makes simple riffs sound so great. also bullet the blue sky live at slane castle has an awesome solo. I also think that bono has one of the clearest voices and sings powerfully but the real deal is his lyrics, oh, and by the way, they rock stadiums. If any of you computer geeks rock a stadium and stop playing warcraft, then come talk to me. ask someone who lived in the 80s on how good they are, maybe you should try your mom, above your basement. U2 are gods of rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maynard (Unknown)

if u2 are gods of rock then souljah boy is god of rap, and slipknot are gods of smooth jazz

al (Unknown)

But slipknot are indeed the gods of smooth jazz.

Gudass (Unknown)

Marilyn Manson Rocks...dont know about U2 although i always try to love their music but they just suck my ass..wooof..HORIBBLE...!!!...but its your choice whether to love or hate them... Everyones beautiful... +MM+ Rocks...

Gudass (Unknown)

Also 3 Days Grace, korn, evanesence, enrique, nickelback....I LOVE them all.... U ALL ROCK....

RickS (Unknown)

I think the problem with U2 is that when they started none of them actually knew how to play their instruments...and they still don't. Also, Bono is a piece of crap. Literally. Here's the video to prove it:


DARKSUNX (Unknown)


RickS (Unknown)

I think the problem with U2 is that when they started none of them actually knew how to play their instruments...and they still don't. Also, Bono is a piece of crap. Literally. Here's the video to prove it:


pqmomba8 (Unknown)

U2 Blows chunks. Saw them with (with an open mind) 2 years ago - WHAT CRAP!!!! Every song sounds the same. The guitarist couldn't hold a candle to even a mediocre guitar player. Bono's voice is HORRIBLE. I don't get why people like them

soonerkid (Unknown)

U2 is amazing best band who ever played!!!!!!! Going to watch them play there the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rafael (Unknown)

U2 is not rock. It's an amazing pop band, though. And I think The Edge is amazing. But, yeah, Bono sounds like shit, live.

YouToo (Unknown)

Ha ha you guys all make me friekin laugh. All of your spelling sucks so bad it's clear to me that the majority of you have a below average IQ and judging by the fact that your musical tastes are based on whatever your stereotype group dictates to you tells me that your EQ's aren't much higher. If any of you really appreciated music you would simply appreciate what you like and let others do the same.
Now I know some WWE-watching, stereotype-loving, warcraft playing idiot is going to flip me off... but I'm gonna let him. As long as it's his opinion. Bless

Pablo (Unknown)

So what? They suck. And you really like girls, don't you? ; )

Friend (Unknown)

YouToo...you misspelled freakin'. U2's not amazing, but I'll give them a mediocre rating.

DonStella (Unknown)

what a fuck you guys are talkin about edge. do you guys never listened some jimmy page rifs and solos? this is good rock led zeppelin black sabbath u2 are just posers.they say u2 are activists today every one ho gots some money give to africa and its done is an activist this is bullshit activist should be jonh lennon noy bono vox what a fuck. whait some years after u2 has finished ho will remeber them u2 sucks!

Robin (Unknown)

People people, No ones write about weather a band sucks, it's taste, I personally feel there are alot of overated gutairists out there and To "tim" the first comment, Edges style is all a series of effects Pedals, he tends to play simple chords and then one string wonders with over the top effects, take out the pedal and no one would pay to here it. He's not a great guitarist and Anyone who can play the basics of guitar could pick up a guitar plug in 5 effects pedals and play Jingle bells on one string and you'd end up on a U2 Edge Lick.

Robin (Unknown)

Sorry for all the major typos such as "Write instead of Right" and Weather instead of Wether it's 4:30am ZzZz Zzz zZzZ


It's not Simplicity of Guitar that can Be criticized, AC/DC are masters of Simple chords and a very recognisable sound, If you like one song You'll like them all but Angus Young really is good at Guitar, he's doesn't use any effects or pedals it's all him on solos he lets it rip, Influenced heavily by Blues and Rythm guitarists who don't relie on a Computer system or pedal to get they're sound but on technique, Simplicity and phrasing can work wonders. In Blues you phrase a song, pause at points. If you look at BB king, He's not rushing through it, it's not the fastest or hardest licks to play but it's A unique sound that really is coming from him not just pedals, he doesn't play any Chords or Rhythm just Lead licks. Like him or hate Him you Know it's BB king His Phrasing and Vibrato is undeniably great.
Personally I love the man's work.
It's just without a 8ft Pedal Board what can Edge do? Seriously, I mean as I've said U2 fill stadiums and lots of people like them, That's fine! But On a non Biased standpoint just looking at his Skill, take away the pedal and it sounds like crap. Seriously anyone who knows anything about guitar will tell you the sounds not from his technique all he does is play a straight forward riff and chords with some Palm muting and then the PEDALS DO THE WORK!!!

John (Unknown)

Bono Vox is gonna make me puke!
Now he's bitching about how file sharers are criminals and that they should be "closely" monitored by the government. He's top of my hate list now...U2 had great songs and all, but Bono keeps pushing his turd attitude a bit too far.

thomas (Unknown)

if none of you have seen the documentary "it might get loud" i suggest you take a look and for those of you who think the edge is the man i hope this movie will show you how bad he is at guitar, he uses more effects than any guitarist ever, that doesnt make you a good guitarist it makes you a techy, he isnt innovative whatsoever and he pretty much admits in that movie that he has limited musical skill... the edge sucks at guitar, end of story.... u2, while being one of the top 3 grossing bands on earth, still is a group of some of the most untalented people ive ever seen... theyre pop stars, not rock stars, thats why they sell out stadiums... britney spears sells out stadiums, is she a rock star? not by a long shot, shes just a pop star and she sucks... dont judge a band by the amount of records they sell or how many people go to see them because i know a band thats sold about 300 records and they rock harder than u2 ever will, DOPAPOD check them out theyre sick but anyways, point being made that the edge sucks at guitar

Matthijs (Unknown)


Liam (Unknown)

You will notice that these U2 defenders continuously quote how many albums and fans they have. Seems to me that they're typical of the conditioned sheeple generation. It's very hard to find real music these days. Everything is just a watered down rehash of sh*t already done. For those of us that look beyond the commercialized display rack at Hastings, U2 sucks septic bilge and Bono is a delusional, hypocritical schmuck like most politicians.

Luke Madigan (Unknown)

U2 are as bad as every other Top 40 bullshit act!

patrick (Unknown)

i learnt a piece of "edge's" guitar music in not even 10 minutes. his stuff is so fucking easy to play i did it with my eyes blindfolded.

Tim (Unknown)

so its as simple as pedals and effects huh??You dont know what you are talking about, and if its so easy why dosent everyone do it.How many songs have you guys written???I know the answer..ZERO>>Ha HA.Try ot play a U2 song and see how its sounds..Nough said.

Ben (Unknown)

This is so ignorant it's funny, this guy sounds like a 12 year old.

EdZeppeling (Unknown)

U2 Blows. Exactly like the BEatles comment - limited musical ability and ok songwriting. They are the gods of Middle-of-the-Road elevator pop!

EdZeppeling (Unknown)

Watch "It Might Get Loud". The Edge is a f*@#ing embarassment. He can barely play! It's comical as hell to see him acting like a big musician and talking about how U2 wanted to sound nothing like the pop bands on top of the pops yet that's exactly what they became! Hahahahaha. If it wasn't for his 242,000 effects pedals he has nothing. And Bono is a pretentious prick and hypocrite.

magnum (Unknown)

It's funny how those who hate U2 most are writing the stupidest comments. And they who think that Edge's guitar playing sucks - especially that guy who claims he can play better than edge in the same time sucking at guitar playing - I can assure you - you don't know nothing about guitars, playing guitar and writing songs. I'm sure you pick up guitar in the first place to impress girls or something like that. Guitar playing isn't about who can play most notes per second, or write song, that's hard to play. If you want some of that, check out Dragonforce or whatever they called in youtube, the play "great", because they guitar skill is "awesome"
P.S Don't judge me because of my english, i'm 18 years old and english is not my native language

JayGo (Unknown)

Wow... to all the people that comment so negatively (with horribly pathetic spelling and grammar might I add)... get a life. You can't accept the fact the U2 has been a long standing band and a Rock establishment because something is lacking in your life. I can see it right now... half of you negative commentors are probably single and own a cat or live in your parent's basement or play Call of Duty or World of Warcraft all day... or a combination of all things listed and more. Do you play in a band? Probably not. Do you know the hard work that it takes to stay in a band and create music that you love (never mind having others love it, which is clearly the case of U2)... probably not. Do you know that playing with delay pedal can have it's complicated moments for all involved with the son (including the drummer)? Probably not. Do any of you care to donate to charity via money or personal effort? Probably not.

There is nothing that U2 is doing to negatively impact the world. Music brings people together. I'm a fan of U2... yes. I'm also a fan of Green Day, AFI, Coldplay, Feeder, The Bravery, Arcade Fire, Bruce Springstein, Dave Matthews, Matt Good, Pearl Jam, Alexis on Fire, The Temper Trap, Kings of Leon, Incubus... the list goes on and on.

Yes, I play in a band(drummer). Yes I know how to play guitar, piano and bass. No, I don't think that The Edge's style in music is patheticly easy. Yes, I donate to charity and no I will not reveal much about myself on the internet. You people are just so incredibly sad. Quit being green with envy and do something with your lives.

me (Unknown)

tim, at the top of the comment page... you're a clown. if i were you.. i'd hang myself. the edge sucks. you suck. U2 sucks. to say he is the most talented musician of his time just shows how little you know of music, and how horribly unexposed you are to the world of sound. and learn to spell you tard-muffin. go kill yourself

Dude (Unknown)

The Edge sucks fat cocks.

HIV (Unknown)

U2 are ridiculously average and total wankers. Whilst I give that some people might like them for whatever reason, I just don't understand why they are so popular. It's not fair that mediocre musicians playing the same song over and over are so famous and no one knows about King Crimson (great musicians playing a wide variety of styles).
They just seem like a waste of time when I could listen to so much better music; they don't have any redeeming qualities that other bands can't satisfy.
And South Park is right, Bono is just a giant shit.

tom (Unknown)

I play guitar for almost two years... and surely i can play better than the edge... i think he has very limited skills :S,



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