Poker Update | 11/17/05

Damn jamie. Taking our money like that. She knocked out each and every one us. elena put up a hell of a fight to finish in second (much better than my 6th place finish) but ultimately fell as well. I had to pay with quarters because I guess I'm poor now. The Big Idea at RD is coming along nicely so hopefully that will ensure a Merry Christmas for all of us. I'm really pumped about the new project but I think the excitment needs to die down a little bit and allow the Devil's Advocate (Killer of the Creative Spirit) to come back in now that we're past the brainstorming period. I think there is a great potential for disaster on such an ambitious project if we don't have a solid initial plan. Fortunately my coworkers have the same mindset so I'm feeling really confident that not only will we have an amazing plan in place but that long-term success will be inevitable. And I'll be able to buy my gold house. And gold car. Solid gold I might add.

Current Poker Tally
Me (7 wins)
tchris (5 wins)
jamie (3.5 wins)
pchris (3 wins)
nbrian (2 wins)
elena (1.5 wins)




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