Zeppelin Hiatus | 11/18/05

Until recently I haven't listened to much Zeppelin. From about 1999-2001 that was all I listened to so I guess I needed a break. Coming back to them over the weekend I was pleased to find out that I still love them. Although I highly doubt I will be able to convince tchris that U2 is worst band of our lifetime I really think I need to at least give it a shot. Believe it or not, I have six U2 songs on my computer (Pride, All I Want Is You, Mysterious Ways, Sunday Bloody Sunday, The Sweetest Thing, With or Without You). I'm not sure if I can really use them as a fair sampling--if you only heard The Crunge and the Coda album you might think LZ sucked. If you had to pick 5 U2 songs in these five areas, which would they be: Most Popular, Best Musicaly, Best Lyrics, Best Non-Mainstream & Best Over-all? For LZ I'd have to answer: Stairway to Heaven (gag), The Rain Song, Since I've Been Lovin' You, Ten Years Gone, The Ocean. Those were some tough decisions; too bad Stairway is hogging a spot.




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