That Was Dumb | 11/19/05

Stupid stupid stupid. My picks last week were just stupid. I can live with picking OU over TT--that's fine. OU should have won but TT got two incredibly lucky calls in the last 1:33. Crazy lucky. Miami really screwed me but now FSU gets to play VT for the ACC Championship so I get to win $5 from nbrian when Tech walks all-over our 2nd string. I'd still like to see FSU take VT down but we're just too hurt. And I don't forsee FSU getting fired up to take the Hokies. I mean, they're turkey-like mascot doesn't inspire the same fear as Florida fans doing the Ch0mp (Sorry, I can't take my dog's name in vain) or the gold-chain-wearing, car-jacking UM Ibis. jamie is in NY with her family and I'm watching Ab. chris came over for a mini-party last night and we watched Eva Longoria host SNL. I don't think I would have laughed had I not been drinking. Good thing I was drinking. Since we're old we called it a night just after midnight. We're like...Oldielocks and the Two Dogs.




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