Michael's Recital | 11/20/05

michael and cellist (not the dog) Abby gave their recital today. It was really good and had a good mix of pieces although the Hindemith was my favorite. After the concert I went grocery shopping and cleaned out my fridge. I am about to undertake a huge task: Eating all the food in my house. Not difficult, you say. But you're wrong. See, my goal is to not buy any more food until I've eaten everything I currently have. Some exceptions will have to be made, of course--milk, butter, flour--things like that; things that would be required to eat everything in my house. With about a dozen boxes of pasti-roni to do it with Andes Mints and St. Paulie Girl beer might be tough. For breakfast I ate a couple of oranges, a banana and a cup of Instant Breakfast (that had been sitting in my shelf for about 8 months). So far so good. I'm sure jamie won't be happy to find out about this new project when she gets back into town because hey, who want a Boboli pizza crust with vanilla pudding instead and yellow rice?




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