Fables | 11/21/05

Poor michael sprained his ankle playing racquetball. See--exercising is way more dangerous than not exercising. I accidentally set my alarm for 7:30pm instead of 7:30am so I missed going out to breakfast with chris this morning; who also brought us pizza last night. One of my coworkers, Liz, made wassail and it was awesome; I had never had it before. We all took one of those Tickle IQ tests. I finished 3rd out of five. I thought for sure I'd finish last since everyone I work with is so smart but apparently being able to eye the right size staple to go into an imaginary stapler is on par with real questions so it all worked out (for me). jamie & Family get back from NY tonight so I have to clean out the trunk in my car to make sure I have enough room for three extra bodies plus their suitcases. Even though they were only gone for three nights I have a feeling each one of them has an enormous suitcase filled with "just in case" clothes. If you're from the north and are traveling to the south (or visa-versa) you're required to bring an extra set of clothes each day "just in case" all the fables you've heard (about it actually snowing in Chicago in December) turn out to be true. Personally I just throw about two days worth of general-wear stuff if I'm going to a place with a washer and dryer. See, but I'm good like that. I'm sorry this update sucked.




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