Week Revisited | 11/27/05

You'll be pleased to know that I enjoyed my week without blogging obligations but now it's back to the grind. So let's see...what have I done in the past week. Well, for starters jamie and I went over to chris and michael's house for an Indian Thanksgiving dinner. I had a terrible cold and didn't really get much of a chance to enjoy the feast put before us. Jamie and her family got back safely from their trip up to New York City. I had to pick them up at the airport and we sat in the lot for an hour while all the people getting off delayed flights tried to squeeze into the single lane of exit. I was pretty sick most of the week and managed to forget my Dad's birthday. Sorry Dad.

Work was quiet with Christine out of the office and on the whole the week was pretty unstressful. Client X is really, really starting to piss me off. Client R owes me about $1500 and Client J is raking in money from the Google stocks that I suggested. Speaking of Client J, I haven't heard anything from anyone else that works there and that's unusual since I received a couple emails from some of them and then I never got replies. I wonder if I'm going to get sued for something. I wish I was kidding but I really have no idea. What I DO know is that my life is a billion times better now that I'm out of there.

pchris was the grand-prize College Pick 'Em winner and I finished a legit 2nd. I say legit only because Tim missed the first three games so had I won by less than six it wouldn't have been fair to him. However, I will enjoy my silver medal and focus on next year (like FSU).

On TV today I heard a commercial for Ford trucks. They were asking other truck owners what they wanted in a truck. More horsepower! A greater towing capacity! A bigger engine! A five year limited warranty! A wha... Like anyone wants a limited warranty. Come on. If you're going to make up total bullshit quotes as least say "A lifetime all-inclusive warranty" with another voice that says, Tough! Daily updates start tomorrow (again)!




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