Trivia Night | 11/30/05

Last night, keeping with our semi- tradition, we went to Gill's for some trivia. Out of the 15 teams or so playing we managed to tie for 3rd at the halfway point (yes, that's right--we get a bar tab) by nailing not only the current news section (damn you, Gregory Peck) but the Name Those Latin and South American Countries as well. chris was a Geography Bee champion so we really just kind of rode on his shoulders. I tried calling my brother Steve to see if we were right about Suriname but he wasn't home and we ended up mislabeling it. Oh well. The second half was awful--books into movies, and Game Shows. Apparently Dick Clark has produced a number of big game shows and that cost us big. We ended up finishing like 7th or something so no bar tab for us.

Tomorrow, thank God, is poker. This has been a long week and I am seriously ready to relax and "earn" some Christmas money. elena's blog somehow got free credit for an update yesterday and for the life of me I can't figure out why. pchris has a multi-job interview today so go read his blog and wish him luck. But don't over-do it because he needs to be unlucky again by the time we play poker tonight.




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