Finnigan's Wake | 12/02/05

Man, it was cold today. The best thing about cold days is the extra-long shower where you don't really care what else is going on so you just stand there. Unfortunately I managed to stand there a little too long and wound up being 15 minutes late for work. Oops. I'd feel badly except I stay late almost every night so surely that's more than added up to 15 about ten times over by now. We went to Gil's for lunch and mmmm... those are killer chicken fingers. They remind me of the ones from this place in Milwaukee. Man, I can't think of the name of it. I used to go there a lot with Stacie since it was right down the street from her house. Well, we used to go a lot before our relationship turned all fun-house mirror bad but still. Those chicken strips were good.

After work chris and I met up with Kurt at Finnigan's Wake for a beer before we caught up with jamie and michael for pool (and more beer) at some poolhall called something like Halligan's. Yeah, Tallahassee is a pretty Chain-Irish town. It was a lot of fun though and I'd happily go back. My only complaint was they didn't split up the tab but I'll get over it. Chris joined Jamie and I for a little post-pool gathering but we just ended up watching some show on E! Michael had to leave at 4am to go to Jacksonville to take his Music Education Test. Good luck my friend.




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