Stupid Pharmacist | 12/04/05

I spent all day, except for a brief coffee with jamie, chris and michael, working on this stupid law firm's website. What else is new right? I go to tabulate my hours and...whoa nelly--about 43 a week. That's on top of a 40 hour "normal" workweek. I don't know what will be scarier come January--honest to God free time or being poorish. Ideally, I'd like to have a little more free time to compose (or at least arrange as an absolute minimum) but I also like being able to put gas in my car so we'll see.

I guess the Pharmacist really was dead in DH. These story lines are getting a little too far-fetched now. It's time to start roping these people in instead of making super-hot Gabrielle jealous of a horse-like nun. I mean, come on. Zack better start killing soon.




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