Crazy Old Man Jack: Part X | 12/05/05

I'm not the type of person to stress out normally. Excluding the anxiety that came from working for Crazy Old Man Jack, I've always been pretty good about not freaking about things (other than bugs). All afternoon and all night I've been pissed. Wells Fargo totally screwed me. Last Thursday I went down there and had a really successful conversation. Today, they decide they don't want our business. I don't have a math degree but if you're a loan company and you can fund another 50,000 loans every year charging 20% interest...well, I think you should do it. Even though it wasn't within my control, I still feel really responsible; especially after getting so excited about it last week. I didn't eat anything tonight because I've felt really queasy since it happened. I really need to focus on what they brought me in to do and not worry about the business side of things. It's just hard when you know opportunities are there that aren't being immediately seized and your acute narcissism is telling you that you (and only you) are capable of facilitating big partnerships. On the bright side, I'll never be in the psych unit of any hospital telling my mentally exhausted social worker that the voices in my head are being mean to me. "Mike, listen--you're the best." It's like having having Alex in your head. But like, a non-singing Alex. That only says nice things about you. Ok, it's not Alex. But Alex might come play poker with us. Yeah.




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