Tuesdoku Tip: Part I | 12/06/05

Ready for your Tuesdoku Tip?! You better be! Whenever there are only two possibilities for any square you can eliminate that set of numbers from all the other rows, columns or squares where that two number set is present. In this case--we KNOW the the teal and blue box HAVE to have the 1 and 8. That means we know the 3 HAS to go in the yellow box even though the 3 could conceivably fit in any slot in the square at this point. Pow! With the 3 accounted for the purple and red square now are easily solved as 6 [purple] and 2 [red].

See, I know you're not really down for Tuesdoku Tuesdays just yet, especially if you don't do the Daily Sudoku but you'll learn to love it. In other news I've been cold all day today. Now it's time to pose some questions. 1) What ever happened to Eminem? 2) Whose going to play Secret Santa with me? 3) Why did my crazy Day Labor Neighbor come over 10:30pm to ask how to get a floppy disk out of her drive? Additionally, why does she keep trying to pet Chompy when Chompy is clearly exhibiting signs that say: Stay Away Because I'll Bite You? 4) Why did Ashley Furniture send me the foam padding to a cushion instead of, oh I don't know, an extra cushion like the saleswoman assured me? 5) Has anyone ever, EVER wanted to be a furniture salesman when they grew up? Additionally, does this bitch realize the hurt I'm going to put on her on the phone tomorrow when I call to complain? Does she not realize I've waited 26 years to own a real couch?

Answers tomorrow (maybe)!




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