See You in Jail | 12/08/05

Sadly, jamie's 2 week poker streak came to an end. No more gloating about winning 3/4. Why? Because I rule. pchris went blind-all in after only an hour to tend to his sweet pups and as the lucky recipient of his chips I kicked back and let everyone else beat everyone else up and swooped in at the end for nbrian's chip. It's the Anti-Jamie strategy. Not that the strategy is against Jamie but she likes to knock everyone out on her own. After poker tchris explained to me the many secrets of the iPod since he's an old pro. Hopefully the enormous brains that I share an office with will be able to figure how we can steal music from each other. Take that RIAA.

See you guys in jail :/

By the way, I should easily have won the brian's Caption Contest. I'm trying hard not to vote several times but it's hard since his traffic is so uncultured and know they probably don't even get my caption. Vote for me; you can guess which one is mine.




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