I Hate My New Job | 12/09/05

Ok, let's do Friday's entry in reverse order. Last off, jamie and I rented and watched The Jacket. It was hands down the worst movie we've seen all year. It's the reason I rarely watch movies. Even Dude Where's My Car had a couple memorable quotes (Dude...Sweet). Seriously, it was utterly horrible with no redeeming quality whatsoever. All it needed was Keanu Reaves in the lead role and it easily could beat Plan Nine From Outerspace as the Worst Movie of All-Time.

Before the movie we went to Jamie's Refuge House Dinner. We were seated next to a crotchety old man and his wife; the lead something or other from Refuge House of Crawfordville. The food was terrible but at least no militant lesbians tried to attack me. All in all it wasn't nearly as bad as I was anticipating so that was nice.

Ok, if you work with me I strongly suggest you stop reading this entry right now...

Today in a strategy meeting (for lack of a better term) we were trying to find ways to find more affiliates for one of our programs. The end result was: Target Idiots. It's funny to a certain extent but I'm concerned about a model that is focused around the locating, the advertising to, and the recruitment of...well, idiots. People that don't know how our payment plan works, or people that don't realize less than 2% of the clicks towards our site will earn them money (most programs fall around 20%) or people that have already fallen into one of those "I make $3,000 a week from my website by doing nothing. Just pay me $1995.00 and I'll send you my book so you can do the same thing with affiliate marketing!" As if that wasn't demoralizing enough, evaluating those affiliates who produce the top leads for the loan company we work with break all of the rules we have in place. The next couple months or so are going to be spent developing a new affiliate program to one of our other sites. That means sending out between 500-800 emails a day trying to get people to join our program. Does that mean I'll spend most of my days for the next two months spamming people? Yes. Good thing I'm targeting idiots.




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