80 Gigs | 12/10/05

Around 3:30pm I ran out of hard drive space. When I bought this computer I thought, "How could I EVER, EVER fill up 80G?" I'm still not sure but I was out. This wouldn't have been so bad had I not been working (and not saving). In case you haven't had this happen your computer just flat out stops, XP gives you a pleasant notice you're out and the computer needs to restart to clear out temporary files immediately. No, you don't get a chance to save. I ended up losing about 2.5 hours worth of work on my website and even though I had about a gig free when I went out for coffee with chris I was still in a pretty bad mood about it. jamie and I went to the Tallahassee Little Theatre to hear David Sedaris' Santaland Diaries. David Sedaris is my favorite author and since I had most of the SD's memorized from reading the book so many times I thought it would be awesome. While it was still totally worth going, it was like hearing your favorite song covered by a frat rock band. Yeah, it was cool they learned it but they didn't really study the music enough to know how to do it properly so instead of enjoying it you can't help but sit there and rip it apart. The guy doing it did a nice job with the "other voices" but he didn't come close to capturing the dry, self-absorbed and self-deprecating, quiet voice of my main man. The audience laughed at all the overtly funny lines but had it been read properly the subtle bits would have been hysterical--that, unfortunately was completely lost. Oh well. Better than sitting at home...and we saw Bryan Richards there.

I now have 5.8GB free and even though I ran the disk defragmenter overnight when I woke up it was only at 22%. That sucks. Today (Sunday) we have a(n essentially-free) gig at the Mary Brogan Museum for the Red Cross.




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