Red Cross Fundraiser | 12/11/05

Tonight we played for the Red Cross Fundraiser. We kicked ass of course but the best part was a silent auction. I got a Bobby Bowden signed football and a 3 day/2 night stay on Amelia Island for really, really cheap. Almost makes up for the fact we weren't paid very much. I *almost* got an $800 full page ad in the Lobbyist Magazine for my website design company for $120 but some asshole sniped me. It would have been nice to have a chance to grab some more freelance clients because since I started working at the RD the design aspects have been pushed to the side a bit. And since I've been officially relegated to Senior Spamming Specialist (at least for a while) there I think I'm going to have to have find other outlets for my creative skills (skillz). ricky and I have some plans so that has the potential to be really nice a few months down the road.

You know what my favorite HTML tag is? <span>. Man, the possibilities are nearly endless. That reminds me of when I found out I'd be teaching the Music Technology class and brian said if I typed <peons /> it would get me a laugh and no one would question what I was doing. Ah, I was so innocent then. This weekend I couldn't think of the word tritone and it scared me. It took me ten minutes to think of it. What scares me even more is that when I go back to school that I might forget everything. What if I forget all of the catchy analogies that made me famous? What if I can't remember words like staff...or note. That would be embarassing. Thank God FSU will accept anyone for a DM.




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