New Couches | 12/12/05

For as crappy as my dealings with Ashley Furniture had been, at least their delivery guys were nice. I'm even willing to forgive them for calling Chompy Cujo the hour they were here. She spent the time freezing her dog-face off and jumping up on the back door to snarl when they'd look at her. When they'd look away she'd get down and just stare. My new couches are nice...I just wish I had the extra cushion. My living room is a lot smaller (especially since the old futon is still in there).

Tomorrow at work I'm going to get to experience my first taste of Search Engine Spam. I'm willing to put aside my ethical issues because it seems like if you can figure it out then you can work for about three weeks before the site gets banned but only after you make a healthy five-digit sum. If I can make $30k in a month I might just take the rest of the year off. Find a couple (non-competiting) keywords, do it once every three months and then just sit back and relax with Cujo.

I appreciate all of the votes that you, my kind readers, gave on brian's blog but sadly my entry was upset by some no-name with a really lame entry. I would at least liked to have finished second to Smell My Finger. Oh well. At least tomorrow is (your favorite) Tuesdoku Tuesday!




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