Totally Insane | 12/14/05

Here's a picture of my new sofa. It just dawned on me that some of you might not have seen it yet, although you'll hopefully see it tomorrow night for poker. I accidentally fell asleep on the big tongue of it last night and it was pretty comfortable. It's still kind of irritating not having the normal sized cushion but whatever.

I went out to lunch with ricky and out to dinner with jamie. When I came home I was on the phone with my parents when Chompy starts going absolutely insane. More insane than I can remember. Apparently my neighbor's annoying little Jack Russel looking thing ran up to my door and, since it's Chompy's goal in life to kill it, Chompy went crazy trying to smash through the front door to try to get to it.

We were supposed to have our Office Christmas Party tonight at the Silver Slipper but it was moved to Monday at Georgio's so I'm not complaining--I 3> that place. Nothing really notable has happened since I've been working so much on The Evil Law Firm's site in all my spare time. Project Runway is now on again and this season I admit that I'm watching it. It comes on at like 11pm so it's perfect for late-night working/watching. I'm rooting for the tall, greasy-looking guy because he's tall and greasy-looking. Everyone else is so...showered.




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