Saw 3 | 10/29/06

Over the weekend I finished up my personal statements for my schools and started the "solo work" piece of my portfolio. I still haven't heard back from MW or EJ which is really, really, really starting to make me nervous. I go to meet with MS tomorrow morning and hopefully I'll at least run into EJ. I'm going to start stalking soon and that will not be fun for anyone. MW was a total flake when he was my professor and I would have to imagine that he's only getting worse with each passing year.

I also saw Saw 3 with Ricky and AJ over the weekend. The last time I went to the movies was to see Saw 2 with Miker and Kevin. Speaking of Miker, I had tagged Chris and he had in turned tagged Miker, who is slightly blogless. That being the case I was sent his iPod tag for posting. So, with no further ado, here is Miker's Tag:

Opening Credits: NíSync, Bye Bye Bye: No, no, you just got here!

Waking Up: Sean Paul, Get Busy: Hop to it, Mr. Man

First Day Of School: Nickelback, Savin' Me: I was kind of a dork in High School...

Prom: Daniel Beddingfield, If You're Not the One: Aww, thatís sweet.

Life's Okay: The Postal Service, Sleeping In: Exactly.

Driving: Avenge Sevenfold, Seize the Day: I donít even know this song

Breaking Up: The Beatles, Hello Goodbye: Well, there you go.

Mental Breakdown: Britney Spears, Boys: Haha, the cause of ALL my worries!

Reconciliation: Eagles, Witchy Woman: Make-up-sex with Bette Midler from "Hocus Pocus" mmmm

Wedding: The Little Mermaid, Kiss the Girl: I'm obviously straight in this movie... or Iím the best man or something...

Sex Scene: Black Eyed Peas, Pump It: Enough said

Birth of Child: Backstreet Boys, I Want It That Way: Selfish bastard...

Dance Sequence: 311, Beautiful Disaster: With all of the techno on my computer, I had to get an alternative song for dancing

Flashback: Dashboard Confessional, Hey Girl: Yes, looking way back into my past, like to another life I lived before this current one

Final Battle: Cascada, Every Time We Touch: "Today in Kitchen Stadium, it is the 'Love Battle.'"

Death Scene: Destiny's Child, Jumpin' Jumpin': I die in a bar fight at a booty club

Funeral Song: Good Charlotte, The Anthem: Yes, I would like the song at funeral to have a line about "Shake it three times, youíre playing with yourself again."

Closing Credits: Cake, Itís Coming Down: Grab your umbrellas. Weíre obviously leaving the audience with the tone of the Breakup Scene.




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