SEO Master | 12/15/05

Here is a great source for nutritional supplements. In case you're not sure what goes into creating online ads, it's something like this. Unfortunately this one was deemed too offensive to be included in the latest batch but personally if I saw that ad I'd click on it. I think it's cute. Not like...cuddle in bed cute but pleasantly plump sort of cute. Like Santa. You'd click on that ad--I know it.

Chompy, we think, has an eye infection. I'm really concerned about it and we're going to vet tomorrow afternoon if I can get her in. Chompy was abused before I got her and one of the things "wrong" with her is she had eye surgery from a particularly cruel beating as a puppy--that's why one of her eyes is always red; they had to sew the inside of the lower eyelid back in. And that's the eye that's she not willing to open right now. I guess at this point I hope it's just an infection and not something that will lead to surgury or full blindness in that eye. I have faith in my vet that he can figure it out and will be willing to forgive Chompy for the time she tried to bite him when he stuck that stool-q-tip up her ass. Chompy :/




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