Storming Out Of Your Own Party | 12/16/05

If you weren't in the mob of people at my house on Friday then you'll be pleased to know Chompy made a full recovery from her eye problems. We had 15 people playing in the 2005 Chompy Classic and were divided into three tables. For what my table lacked in talent, we undoubtedly had the most fun and surely got along the best despite me being the only person who knew the other people I was playing with: Christine (RD), her husband Erick (with a k, a y and an ei), Ricky (JAC), and Tim (via pchris & elena) (Here's your Get Firefox Link). We were a table full of rock-loving, shit-talkers so our table finished after everyone else had played down to The Winning Two. Christine and I represented The Winning Two from our table and I was the first one out of the Table of Champions, followed by Christine, then P-Chris, then Alex, then Fabian (Fabio). Who won? jamie "Gallon O' Martinis" Brinkmeyer. She walked away with $75 and the coveted 2005 Texas Hold 'Em Showdown Classic Presented By Chompy (we do it BCS style around here).

The only real drama of the night was me getting pissed and walking out on my own party for a while. chris came out to console me but I still spent the remainder of the evening in my office with people coming in and out to hang. I'm still a little pissed even though it's well over a day old but I'd say I'm a solid 95% over it. I still contend that counting your chips when requested does not equal pushing them. Oh well. At least someone who buys me food and Christmas presents won the money. Good work honey.




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